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At a certain point in the evolution on your institution, it is beneficial to seek outside resources to provide new ideas as well as experience and the expertise that may not exist in your institution in particular areas of training intervention for improved campus recruitment.

MapMe represents a new and fresh approach to your students as they plan, implement, and manage the current and future success of your institution. MapMe has time-tested processes that are practical and easy to implement. It has a proven methodology with documented results measured in Improved Campus Recruitment!

From a Business Perspective: We have proven experience in the training of institutions that seek to bring out the best in their students. In large and small institutions, companies and various industry segments, we are the trainer of choice when it comes to assisting stakeholders in creating competitive advantage through the development of their greatest resource—their people.

From a Learning Perspective: We understand adult learning. It is our specialty. It is very important to combine theory with practice and personal accountability or the desired results may not occur. We recommend a hands-on working environment in every session that we instruct. Our techniques will keep your people attentive and motivated.

High Customer Satisfaction: All MapMe programs are independently assessed on various areas that are measured include:

  • The relevance of the training to the participant’s role
  • Whether or not the training has helped the participants increase their ability to perform their role
  • Quality of the instructors
  • Overall satisfaction with the training experience
  • Innovative Application Oriented Learning
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Placement Inroads
  • Corporate Connect Conduit
  • Development of Corporate Institute relationship