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Automation Modules

Accreditation: Create reports such as SSR, AQAR, SAR for NAAC, NBA, AMBA with the click of a button. Quality improvement: Implement quality improvement processes as per standards. Reports will be automatically generated. Admission: Implement complete online admission module, from online form to online or offline payment, admission test and merit list preparation.
Fees module: Integrated fees module with an option to collect payment online or integrate with bank offline payment module. Placement: Complete placement portal with separate access for institutions, corporate and students. Automate your placement process. Student records: Maintain and manage complete student profile in the ERP. Each student gets a customizable online CV, which is generated automatically.
Library: Automate your library using digital issue, return and library website with online searchable database. Hostel: Hostel module with graphical view of room occupancy. Employee portal: Maintain and manage employee records. Each faculty gets a separate login id to upload their projects, seminars, courses and other details.
Transport: Track college transport details; maintain routes and real time integration. Alumni: Integrated alumni module that plugs in to your website. Create alumni registration form, track alumni, and approve alumni status. Track student progression data Teaching Learning software: Teaching learning software helps you to create integrated modular plan, session details and associate question bank.
Feedback: Take online feedback on teaching learning, curriculum, library, institutional provisions, 360 degree feedback and more. Reports are automatically generated. e-Campus: Share course material, create online course with modules, and upload power point presentation and other documents. Students may login and access all documents based on course or any documents specifically sent to them by faculties. There is a two way discussion between the faculties and the students. Online Assessment: Create online assessments. Supports any languages, pictures, scientific language. Accessible over mobile and desktop. Features random question paper for every student, random selection from question bank.
Parents and Students Login: Students and Parents are provided with login id and password. Learning Management System This LMS provides cloud based delivery of teaching learning to educational institutions with a well structured content storage and access to multiple stakeholders with options to review and evaluate the learning process. LMS can be closely structured and aligned to lesson plan and delivery. IQAC module: Complete IQAC module to maintain data, approve and generate reports as required.