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Why Take This Certification Program?

This program offers you an opportunity to master E-Commerce Business Operations, Marketing & Management of an E-Commerce Store. The CEP program is highly valued by top employers, while at the same time establishing a broad-based understanding of the whole E-Commerce Business ecosystem will give your greater skillset development. After graduating, you’ll be ready to join a large corporation or a small firm, or even go independent as a freelance E-Commerce Business Consultant.

Fully Practical Learning

Our content partners are,, and other top E-Commerce Brands which represent the entire E-Commerce ecosystem, and this program is created after a detailed research and analysis on successful E-Commerce Strategies that work. You’ll cover the full range of E-Commerce Strategies by practically learning them and build a skill that every company is looking today.

Real-Time Paid Projects

In this E-Commerce exclusive program, we will give you access to Software Tools so you can directly handle live E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Projects. You will learn and apply new techniques, get results and build your resume during the course. You will get benefits of mentoring and rigorous reviews on your project, and our expert instructors, who are currently working with amazon, alibaba, google etc. will teach you in the Instructor-Led Online classroom, and engage with you during online events.