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  • 2019-02-07 06:39:41
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Accreditation is a quality assurance process and a commitment to continuous quality enhancement. It is an indication that an accredited institution meet quality standards at national level and also satisfy "global standard". There are many benefits of accreditation below are few major benefits :

  • Research funding and expanding their student intake capacity
  • Accreditation is market driven and its seal means the institute meets rigorous global standards and is an instant brand recognition
  • Students opting for an accredited institute can be assured that they will receive a balance between high academic quality (ease of transfer to further education at other global institute.) and professional relevance (needs of corporate world are well integrated into the programs.)

It is mandatory and a directive from Government of India (GOI) through UGC that every Higher Educational Institute (HEI) prominently display and include in all publicity material their accreditation grade or unaccredited status so that prospective students can take an informed decision. It is a step in right direction by GOI.

It provides an opportunity for HEIs to see where they stand in-terms of  standards set by accreditation bodies (NBA, NAAC two central bodies in India under UGC).  The self study / assessment and peer review is not mere a task every institute should undertake for complying with norm but to demonstrate their commitment towards Quality of Education offered and towards continuous improvement of internal Business Process and Reengineering.    

Besides clear benefits and GOI requirements many institute fail to go in for accreditation for various reasons and most common being "record keeping". Accreditation is provided based on historical data of three to five years. These records have to be supported by ample proofs such as mails, photographs, assessment results, minutes of the meeting and Audits. Each of this supporting information has to be stored in easily accessible and trackable system by date and time so that they can be tracked, retrieved and assigned to various events as proofs. Some of these documents undergo multiple versions and tracking and retrieving becomes a challenge to several institutions. Unless a good technology is put in place, institutions are at risk of losing out on marks assigned to several criteria's during accreditation process. The self assessment by an HEI needs to be substantiated by proper documentation and procedures . It requires a paradigm shift from just recording "attendance and grades" to the "processes involved at every steps of both administration and curriculum". Having a 360 degree perspective of all the aspects touching education , including various stakeholders and society at large. Complete your process cycle with proper balance and check using tools and technology is essential and needs to be automated.


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