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Now a day’s implementing e-governance has taken precedence and is the priority of every Institution of Higher learning which ultimately enables a smoother and healthier functioning of the Institution. The aim of each and every University/Institution is to revamp its educational system and enable the institution authorities to concentrate on the Core area of Concern “Imparting Quality Education to its students, by leveraging the potential of its staff and students”. They also look at bringing complete transparency in the operations of institutions.

With the above in mind and by supporting the institutions to achieve the same our Endeavour is to provide complete technology up-gradation to the administrative/Faculty setup in educational institutions, by providing them support and revamping their activities to an Integrated management system inclusive of Complete Student Life Cycle Management. This is with an idea of bringing out a unique community of students who will be close knit, well-educated and Smart Citizens of the future, and to enable E-Governance by eliminating the complexities and time taken to arrive at decisions. This is made possible through the implementation of integrated ERP with document flow enabling smooth and uninterrupted flow of information among various departments.

We have worked out a comprehensive & unique proposal on automating the various functions of Institution and to bring them at par with International Standards, by providing them the complete technical support through an integrated ERP and further enhancing it with Device Integrations.

We propose Integrated ERP with essential modules listed below as per the Institutions requirements. MapMe ERP is comprehensive Software Package that integrates all activities of an Institute from the point of Admissions and fees collection to information consolidation. Our consistent Research & Development and interaction with some of the esteemed Institutions resulted in the development of this high-end product. It streamlines manual working of each department and provides a convenient way to integrate them by putting these activities on a suitable Database system shared by different users. MapMe ERP also integrates a number of other latest devices like Biometrics / Face Recognition, Smart cards & readers, Tablet PC, Information Kiosk etc.