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Accreditation ERP Process

Typical MapMe Engagement Process:
Steps Preparatory Process How Will It Help You
Step1 Institution / Program Gap Analysis After comparing the various criterions of the accrediting bodies with the available input of the Institution / Program a Gap Analysis Report is generated. This provides the current date ground realty
Step2 Providing Login IDs and password to all users It gives access to all user to open their corresponding pages and key in required data at the institution, department and faculty level
Step3 Data Collection from administration, admission office, faculty and IQAC Team Data collected from various HODs, Offices and IQAC Team and maintained in the online platform
Step4 Implementation of Quality Improvement Module based on Gap Analysis Report By using various quality improvement modules we can relatively bridge the gaps identified in the Gap Analysis Report
Step5 Providing guidance on Gap Analysis Implementation Guidance is provided by Expert Committee members on how to capture, project and portray things to Peer Team members
Step6 Creation of Report Accreditation Report is created after capturing and assimilating available data
Step7 Providing all support document to substantiate the report content All support document as stipulated in the QIF need to be kept in place to substantiate it as evidence
Step8 Preparing the Institute and teaching faculties for Peer Team Visit Acting as a support system it prepares the institution and teaching faculties to face the Peer Team members
Step9 Conducting grooming sessions and workshops for Students, parents, alumni and non teaching staffs It enables them to present face the Peer Team and present facts in the presence of the Peer Team
Step10 Conducting Mock Interviews before the Peer Team visit Final Step towards making a quality presentation and relevant answer to the Peer Team
Step11 Cross checking and streamlining all secretarial components prior to the Peer Team visit Ensuring all required documents in place and within the reach of every interviewee at the time of actual visit of the Peer Team
Step12 Assessment and Accreditation by the Peer Team Step 1-11 will prepare all concerned for the event day