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Accreditation Management Solution

MapMe has been building accreditation management solution for over 2 years. Since our first system, our software has evolved from basic functions, such as data collection to a more intuitive and sophisticated platform for institutions to use. Our team's ingenuity has grown to expand using existing technologies as well as creating our own.

The accreditation management system is the first-ever SaaS (subscription-as-a-service) model for the higher education accreditation industry. This platform was crafted by our team in an effort to streamline our custom software for mass use and began in 2016.

Design Approach

How were we exactly going to execute a product that has never been created before? Our muse for the MapMe accreditation system was based to serve as inbuilt default mechanism rather being compliant. We knew that we had to nail the basics before we could be responsible for adding flashy features. Overbuilding software can not only damage costs but eat up resources and more often, you end up building features and functionalities that were never needed in the first place.

Building Custom software is our team's DNA, so switching from unique systems for each of our clients to one system that can be used for a variety of organizations was an incredible turn. In order to keep our goals in check, we constantly hypothesized and validated our research and vision. This helped to hold ourselves accountable and kept everyone involved. No matter what, we kept our goals clearly defined to remind us if we were on track.